In honor of National Tourism Week, we are highlighting some of Mitchell County’s towns with photos from “then and now”.

This year’s theme, “Travel Then and Now,” highlights travel’s long history of supporting jobs, businesses and livelihoods everywhere in America and right here in Mitchell County, as well as our industry’s enduring ethos of welcoming visitors from near and far.

Some of the photos span back over 100 years and we are proud of the rich heritage that our county was built on. Thank you to the Mitchell County Historical Society for supplying us with their “then” photographs. To learn more about the Mitchell County Historical Society please visit their website at

Lower Street – Downtown Spruce Pine – 1950’s and Now

Little Switzerland – 1900’s

Little Switzerland Now

Downtown Bakersville – early 1900’s

Bakersville Now

Grassy Creek Golf Course – Spruce Pine

Then & Now


Tourism is a vital part of our county, bringing in over $23 million dollars and employing over 200 people in the area. We have so many great businesses, landmarks, industries, and natural wonders that thrive on tourism and visitors, so tourism benefits all of us!

As you can see from these pictures, Mitchell County has grown and changed a bit, but still keeping the longstanding traditions of hospitality that our towns and our county were built on. We are using these traditions to make a better and brighter future for our people and every person who visits Mitchell County. Help us celebrate tourism this week by promoting our county and all the things that make it great!

Another special thanks to the Mitchell County Historical Society for sharing their old photos with us.