A local Mitchell County hotspot, the Tin Shed, was recently recognized in Our State Magazine! Never did Lacey Queen dream that something as small as farming on the side of her full time job as a hairdresser would turn into a full service farm, a farm-to-table restaurant, and a store.

Opening in Spring of 2017, the Tin Shed has been serving up local handcrafted Carolina favorites to locals and visitors alike. After several successful years of owning and operating Soggy Bottom Farms, owner Lacey Queen decided to branch out and open an outdoor restaurant serving her local meat from her farm. The Tin Shed has been a huge hit, serving slow smoked barbeque, grass-fed burgers, and more, all using farm fresh meat locally sourced from her farm across the road. She is also serving up homemade sides, deserts, and more, which she partners with other local farmers to ensure the freshest and highest quality products around. This unique restaurant gives guests a true farm-to-table experience.

In the May issue of Our State Magazine, Lacey Queen was recognized as the “BBQ queen of Spruce Pine” for her businesses of the Tin Shed Restaurant and Soggy Bottom Farms. Author of the article, Kathleen Purvis, writes “Follow a country road along the Toe River and you’ll find Soggy Bottom Farms, where an enterprising young woman with strong convictions has created a down-home market marvel”. Lacey began her business with a passion to “educate consumers on what they are putting into their body, as well as offering the highest quality foods to fuel healthy bodies and happy lives”. Lacey also operates her farm and restaurant in memory and as a tribute to her father, Mike Queen, who was her business partner and supporter, but passed away last year.

Lacey was incredibly thankful for the feature, writing “A big thank you to Our State magazine for the feature in May 2018 edition…we as a team are humbled by all the love and support from our customers… our goal is to make this season even better”. Along with being featured in Our State Magazine, the Tin Shed has been featured on a variety of media outlets, including a CNN Travel article titled “12 of the world’s most enticing food and drink trails”.

One thing is for sure, Lacey has the passion and drive to be successful at whatever she does, whether it be farming, running a restaurant, or being a successful female entrepreneur for local business.

You can check out Lacey’s article in the May 2018 issue of Our State Magazine or by clicking the link below!

The Queen of Spruce Pine