1. Support a strong economy.
    We are the local champion for a balanced, thriving economy and a comprehensive business resource in the area. Your membership supports our efforts to strengthen the business community. When the business community is vibrant and strong, the local economy is stronger which is good for all businesses.
  2. Gain a voice in government.
    We speak up for you with our local, state and federal officials, making sure that legislation supports business. You can also interact directly with elected officials at special events throughout the year.
  3. Bring credibility to your business.
    The Chamber is a trusted source. Being a member increases the positive perceptions people have about your business. Customers are 57% more likely to think positively of your local reputation and 63% more likely to buy from Chamber members.
  4. Make more business connections.
    Expand your business network through Chamber events and meet like-minded, business-focused individuals. People do business with people they know. The business owners and operators you meet through the Chamber can be your clients and open doors to other companies to help grow your business.
  5. Increase your visibility in the community.
    As a member, you benefit from marketing opportunities, including placement on our website and in our Visitor Center (with 100,000+ visitors each year).
  6. Get exclusive business referrals.
    Every day businesses and individuals (locals, visitors and people looking to relocate) contact the Chamber looking for referrals for products and services from local companies.
  7. Increase your SEO.
    With direct links to your website from the Mitchell County Chamber’s site, you benefit from quality backlinks that boosts your own website’s visibility in Google searches.
  8. Access special discounts.
    Through exclusive programs for Chamber members, you can save on business expenses health insurance.
  9. Be seen as a leader.
    As the connector leaders and influencers, we give you opportunities to be involved, to position your company as a leader, to be recognized for your accomplishments and to make a difference in our community.
  10. Stay informed.
    We keep you informed of business issues and trends through our newsletter,  forums and partnerships with online businesses seminars through Mayland Community College so you can stay focused on your business.

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